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Time in a Bottle

Dateline: Competa, Spain When Jill moved to Competa some 40 years ago, her home backed onto olive orchards and goats. Today, the picture to the right is what she sees. In truth, her view is no different from the views of her … Continue reading

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Commpeta, Spain

If you are not looking up, you are looking down. I am staying with Jill Higgins, who lives in Muswell Hill, London, but who also has a home in Competa, Spain. I dare not leave the house without her. How would I find … Continue reading

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Bamboozled by McDonalds

Dateline: London So I sat in the Archway McDonalds. It was busy. No tables were free. I asked a woman if I could share her table. She thought about saying, “No.” She nodded. I sat. She left. Another woman came … Continue reading

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Wrapping Your Lips Around American Cuisine

  Dateline: London The current, British McDoanld’s ad campaign, Taste of America, is here and now. If you are a regular McDonald’s customer, you could in five week’s time, beginning May 5, taste five hamburgers that will introduce you to regional tastes … Continue reading

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Behind the Burqua

Burqua  Barbie artist: Eliana Lorena Dateline: London  What is it with the burqua? The Burqua Barbie above is an artist’s interpretation by Eliana Lorena. One of 500, in 2009, this doll was auctioned off by Sotheby’s in Florence Italy to raise money … Continue reading

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Rant If You Dare

Dateline: London Speakers’ Corner on a Sunday is crowded with people having their say. On Sunday, the corner particularly attracts those of a religious bent. One woman who had attracted a large number of hecklers (and like a stand-up comic … Continue reading

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On the Nose

Check out the scale of this head. Truly impressive. Back to what the artist was thinking… was he “standing an idea on its head”? Was the artist a race track junkie and thinking of “winning by a nose”? Maybe he was just thinking outside the box.

As for me, the first thing that came to mind was my writing which one tutor claimed was “too much on the nose.” I’m still not sure that I’ve got this right, but apparently if your writing is “on the nose,” it is too specific and concrete. Hu.m.m.m.m… Continue reading

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