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Religious Accommodation

Writing trigger: I am fascinated by personal ads. Even though I’ve never written one myself… even though I’m not reading them in an effort to find Mr. Right, I read them to see which ones appeal to me. So many … Continue reading


Let There Be Light

Writers’ Triggers: It’s a Nike ad. The photo shows a portly, blackĀ coach wearing plaid shorts. To his right is a scowling youth whose helmet and shoulder pads dwarf him. The copy reads: “He’s not your father. And he’s not your … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

Writers’ Trigger: The narrator of the novel Stones From the River by Ursula HegiĀ is Trudy, a dwarf. More clearly than any other book I’ve read, this novel answers the question, “How could the people of Germany let Hitler rise and … Continue reading

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