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Turkey Trot

Writers’ Trigger: Write a scene that revolves around food. a favorite or traditional food in your family. a dinner date that went seriously pear-shaped. Don’t forget to detail the food as well as the conversation. the dynamics that expand like … Continue reading

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The Authorized Grope

Writers’ Trigger: I don’t know the source of this definition, but I have had it pinned to my bulletin board for a number of years. It reads as follows: SKEPTICISM IS A WEAPON. It Deflects Spin, Propaganda, and Anyone with … Continue reading

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The Apple Never Falls Far

 Writers’ Trigger: The year was 1955 and I was in seventh grade when I was introduced to the world of foundations. My mother broached the subject saying, It’s time you wore a panty girdle.” I countered with a firm, “I won’t.” … Continue reading

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Readings by Photo

Writers’ trigger: You are familiar with a cut and pasted ransom note. Why not try writing an entry based on interesting words and phrases cut from a variety of print sources? Do not try this exercise with a subject already in mind. A … Continue reading

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In Praise of Notebooks

Writers’ Trigger: Today, I write in praise of notebooks. I have used the same kind of notebook for so many years, that my 4 by 6 inch orange notebook has become a fixture. The size is perfect. I usually keep … Continue reading

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Writers’ Trigger: William Butler Yeats said that a finished poem “made a noise like the click of the lid on a perfectly made box.” Turn to your favorite poet or an anthology of poems. Read until you find a poem … Continue reading

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Laughing Dolphins

Writers’ Trigger: Generally speaking, writers should avoid writing a string of prepositional phrases. But look at what Joyce Carol Oates does in the first paragraph of You Must Remember This: “Not once upon a time but a few years ago. … Continue reading

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