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Democracy Is Messy

WRITERS’ TRIGGER: Speech is never free. A lot of the time we bite our tongue, take a minute and rethink what we want to say. We massage the message. From an early age we are taught to mind our manners… mind … Continue reading

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Remembering Auschwitz

Writers’ Trigger: I’ll be short today. A little space for silence is a good thing. Today, January 27 marks the anniversary of the Russian troops liberating Auschwitz. By this date 2,000,000 persons including 1,500,000 Jews had been murdered there. In memory of … Continue reading

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Body Image

Body image is always with us. We are too flat-chested, too hairy, too fat, too wrinkled,… and the list goes on for men as well as women.  Last week one news story was that Miriam O’Reilly won her age discrimination case against the … Continue reading

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All Things Iambic

Writers’ Trigger: Word for Word’s poetry tutor, Joan Michelson (a creative writing and literature lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London) is introducing us to the art of the ballad this term. As a starting point, we read “The Cruel Mother,” a traditional Scottish ballad. Joan … Continue reading


Robert Scott in Antarctica

Writers’ Trigger: Even those of us who aren’t farmers or sailors, have taken note of the unpredictable weather (the blizzards, flooding and mudslides) of winter 2010-11. Encroaching weather always has the upper hand, and man can only scramble. Aside from … Continue reading

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Cracking Up

Writers’ Trigger: Today’s trigger was prompted by the huge posters promoting Black Swan. I love the crack – an outward manifestation of her breakdown. The posters are everywhere, and I’m looking forward to the movie that follows an ambitious ballerina … Continue reading

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Writer’s Trigger: Fresh from having seen Matthew Bourne‘s Cinderella at Sadler’s Wells last night, I’ve been reminded how much fun it is to adapt a well-known story- to twist and torture it. Fairy tales are easy to adapt because they … Continue reading

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Writers’ Trigger: I really like this Art Deco sculpture on the east side of Park Lane just south of Marble Arch. I need to look again and see if I can find the sculptor’s name. How well he/she captured the … Continue reading

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Keeping a Civil Tongue

Writers’ Trigger:  I would if I could, but I can’t.”  Excuses. We all make them. Those who were foolish enough to make New Year’s Resolutions, have probably already broken them. No doubt they have excuses. brainstorm a list of excuses … Continue reading

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Praying to the Rain God

In “Looking for a Rain God” by Bessie Head, a desperate farmer sacrifices his two young daughters to the Rain God. Quoting from the book: “The subtle story of strain and starvation and breakdown was inadmissible evidence at court; but … Continue reading

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