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Beckwith Restoration

Writers’ Trigger: Many of you have probably had to write within a given timeframe. You get a lot done when the clock is ticking. What you write will be rougher, but it will be fresher. That ticking timepiece makes you anxious, … Continue reading

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Merit Pay for Teachers

Writers’ Trigger: Many thanks to Cheryl Moskowitz who introduced our writers’ group to Margaret Atwood‘s THE TENT, a collection of creative essays, myths and fables. The title is a metaphor for the flimsy fabric that shields those of us inside the tent  from … Continue reading


Public Exposure

Writers’ Trigger: I’m reading Tinkers, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, by Paul Harding. The novel revolves around a dying man who spent his life repairing clocks. Brought down by cancer and kidney failure, time is running out for George. He has only days … Continue reading

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London’s 2012 Olympics

Writers’ Trigger: David Huddle‘s poem “Burned Man” tells of a young boy watching his father talk to a horribly scarred former employee who was burned in his factory. The last five lines conclude: They’d stand there talking in the town’s /blazing sunlight, the … Continue reading


Fast Track to the Afterlife

Writers’ Trigger: I took in a BP Special Exhibition at The British Museum today. (Yes, that is the same British Petroleum that played a part in the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. BP may be less than perfect … Continue reading

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Conveyor Belt At-Risk

Writers’ Trigger: You may know the novelist Joanne Harris. She wrote Chocolat as well as a number of other books to include Blackberry Wine in which a few chapters are told through the point of view of a wine bottle:      Take, … Continue reading

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