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Blind for a Day

Writers’ Trigger: If the names of authors Menena Cottin and Rosana Faria don’t ring a bell, I am not surprised. First off, they are Venezuelan and The Black Book of Colors was first published in Mexico. Since then it has been translated into many … Continue reading

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March Snow on Long Island

Writers’ Trigger: I’m reading Possession by A. S. (Antonia Susan) Byatt. In the first chapter of this Booker Prize winner, a researcher finds a letter written by a Victorian poet to a woman whom he has just met. I quote from his letter: “I cannot help … Continue reading


Kilroy Wasn’t Here

I Continue reading


Waving the Flag

Writers’ Trigger: Kept and revealed secrets offer many plotting possibilities. Joyce Carol Oates‘ most recent publication is A Widow’s Story. In it she writes of her 47-year marriage to Raymond Smith who died in 2008. For all Oates knew, their marriage had been … Continue reading

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The Tsunami As a Metaphor

Writers’ Trigger: As we watch the effects of the 8.9 earthquake in Japan, the resulting tsunami and the damage to two of their nuclear power plants, we can only imagine what we would do if an early warning system sounded here in the States. … Continue reading

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Outsider Looking In

Writers’ Trigger: Sarah and I have been watching old videos of The Wonder Years. What a fabulous time-trip that TV series is. So many movies and TV shows age poorly. When you see them in later years, you just want to shoot them – … Continue reading

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The Cost of Free Speech

Writers’ Trigger: Roadside signs and bumper stickers are excellent story triggers. In particular, I like the sign in front of Hussey’s General Store in Windsor, Maine. Talk about one-stop-shopping! If you want it, Hussey’s has it. Or, along the same lines, their … Continue reading

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Pet Disposal

Writers’ Trigger: Most of my story prompts come from the newspaper. Not too long ago, Transport for London, listed items awaiting collection in their lost property office. Some of the abandoned items are worthy story starters. Consider a few of the 148,000 belongings awaiting claim: a … Continue reading


Risk Assessment

Writers’ Trigger: Pen Women met in Colorado Springs a couple of weeks ago, and Carol Caverly presented a program on creative non-fiction. I’m not sure what triggered the following anecdotes, but a number of women shared sex education stories. One woman’s story was that sex education … Continue reading

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Half Full / Half Empty

Writers’ Trigger: Coffee at-the-ready, I reached over to the end table beside the bed and picked up a poetry book that I had bought at a garage sale in Sedona. I don’t remember what I paid for it, because I had … Continue reading

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