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Water on the Brain

One blog back, I mentioned that Custer County is bone dry. Walking across our “lawn” I hear the snap, crackle and pop of bubble-wrap or peanut shells or… ohmygosh! I’m hearing the dry grass splinter beneath my feet! The status … Continue reading

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The Kennedys – BBC 2

I am at-home in Westcliffe. Stop by.  Coffee is always at-the-ready, and if you prefer something cold, that can be arranged. The drought is on-going with the town divided as to watering. I am torn. Obviously, in terms of water … Continue reading

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In Praise of Montaigne

In praise of Montaigne, father of the essay Isn’t wonderful when your idiosyncracies are validated? And what better a person to do so than Montaigne (1533-92) father of the essay. Just when I was tired of some readers grumbling that I never had … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett Eyes Assisted Suicide

If you did not see Terry Pratchett – Choosing to Die on BBC 2, last night, I urge you to do so. If you type BBC 2 + Terry Pratchett into your search engine, you will have a number of … Continue reading

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By all means I should be blogging about a weekend in London – a weekend that was a photographer’s dream come true.  In addition to the Naked Bike Race in Hyde Park, London had its very own Slut Walk. Why … Continue reading

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Red Bus Blues

Writers’ Trigger: I just took part in the most amazing exercise suggested by  Penny Solomons at Word for Word Writers, Crouch End. She gave us ten minutes to write our biography in exactly 100 one-syllable words. All participants were surprised … Continue reading


Literacy Shocker

  It is unusual for a news story to run an entire week. For the most part, whether it is flood or famine, the story is here today and gone tomorrow. Flood and famine have their place, but it is … Continue reading

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Summer in the City

London’s South Bank is hoppin’. Always hoppin’, but this June, the city feels more seaside thanks to sand along the Embankment. Unlike Paris that brings in sand to summer-up the banks of the Seine, London’s twice daily 18-foot tides prevent the … Continue reading

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