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Too Many Books; Too Little Time

Writers’ Trigger: Size determines the number of books at my bedside table. It’s a small room. It’s a small table. The number of books total four. Of that number, one is perfect when I need a small something to slow … Continue reading

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Getting Personal

Writers’ Trigger: Have you noticed how we shy away from getting too personal in our writing? We draw back. The subject is too raw… too close to the bone. So close that we squirm. I think about this in particular … Continue reading

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Feminine Tosh

Writers’ Trigger: Some blogs ago, I mentioned that I was reading everything Amazonian. And no sooner had I written that then I found a review of Ann Patchett‘s most recent book STATE OF WONDER which is set in the Amazon. An unattributed review … Continue reading

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Time Waits for No Man

Writers’ Trigger: I should have been a file clerk. I have files and files of poems categorized by seasons and topics and OTHER. The ‘other’ file is particularly fat. But second in size is my file on death. You never … Continue reading

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Belief in All Its Forms

Writers’ Trigger: I can’t say that I’m a William Blake fan, but thanks to the 31 July “Writer’s Almanac,” I came across his poem “You Don’t Believe.” You don’t believe – I won’t attempt to make ye. / You are … Continue reading

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