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The Met: Live in HD

The snow threatened. Rising, it peaked and skiied down the east face of the Sangre de Cristos. We battened the hatches and brought in wood. I went to the grocery, and the store was packed: everyone was stocking up. Many had  five-pound bags of … Continue reading

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National Novel Writing Month

The clock is ticking, if you are reading my blog today, the 26th, you have only five days left to get your ducks in line. Why? October is coming to a close and November is National Novel Writing Month. See for … Continue reading

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Opera Theatre of the Rockies

Pikes Peak Opera Theatre of the Rockies came to town this past Sunday, and it was wonderful to see the theatre full of patrons despite the waning days of Indian Summer. It was a gorgeous day and in the back of … Continue reading

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In Praise of Alleys

If you have been reading my blogs and seeing pictures of the landscape that owns me, you know that I live in a beautiful place. Looking out the window of my house, I can’t see the valley floor just three blocks west, but I can … Continue reading

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Tempting Fate

I sit at the computer. A dish of cantaloupe is within reach. I’ll be eating cantaloupe for days. Given the Jensen Farms cantaloupe scare, the melons are cheap. In truth, the stores can’t give them away. Everyone is wary of Listeria. As … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance

I’m experiencing a bit of a sinking spell. Some of it is affected by the weather. London was warm and sunny, and had you not known that last week of September was September, you might have thought that it was July… July in … Continue reading

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