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The Beckwith Ranch Restoration

It is hard to get your head around the numbers but during the 1870s, The Eldon and Edwin Beckwith Ranch, here in The Wet Mountain Valley, constituted 3,000 fenced acres. Within the fencing, 7,000 cattle huddled, their backs to the wind, their heads down, too cold … Continue reading

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The Power of the Written Word

Many of us are looking for a religious experience or a heightened sense of spirituality. Our hearts lighten when anything makes us gape in wonder. We yearn for any thing that speaks to us, touches us and brings us unto the realm of the sacred. It could … Continue reading

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Remembrance Sunday

England honors its dead on the second Sunday in November. America’s day of remembrance, Veterans Day, is always November 11. I was surprised this year to see no poppies sold locally. We have a strong American Legion presence in the community, … Continue reading

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Cactus Bloom

I recently received an email from a friend who was delighted that the Christmas cactus I had given her years ago was blooming. Mine is blooming too. Looking out the window at all the snow, I marvel that only old wavy window glass … Continue reading


Rick Perry – the Human Dimension

I am not a Governor Rick Perry fan; nonetheless, as I watched him in last night’s Republican, presidential candidates’ debate on CNBC, I felt an instant connection. Politically we are miles apart. For Perry, it is all about downsizing the … Continue reading

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Making a Silk Purse

You know the phrase… Making a Silk Purse out of a Sow’s Ear? That’s what we’re up to. Our 1888 house is a sow’s ear. Any number of people have looked at our house and said, “What a great lot! If … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Almanac

Garrison Keillor came to Colorado Springs on Sunday, and I was ready to have my picture taken – if not his hugging me then my hugging him. I would follow his voice anywhere. Our tickets were good for a Meet and Greet prior … Continue reading

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