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Take What You Need

I stand at the checkout. The line is long. I count the items in my basket. Do I have fewer than 10? No. But I do have fewer than 20. Unfortunately, I am in back of several baskets loaded with 40-plus items. … Continue reading

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I’m Trying To Be Good

A heat wave this morning. 20 degrees Farenheit. 40 degrees above the -20 yesterday. Our deepest snows were in late October. Since then, we’ve had a couple of inches here and there. Just as the snow begins to look tired, Nature slaps on … Continue reading

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All Things Are Relative

I think that my dread of the dark days surrounding the winter solstice has been diminished by my years spent living in London. All things are relative. At 39 degrees latitude, Westcliffe has considerably more daylight hours than London which is in line with … Continue reading

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Green Burials

It is cold here. Fur coat weather. I’ve got this sealskin coat. The fur is bear-rug black, long and luxurious. You can put your face in the pelt, and it automatically erases wrinkles and worry-lines. It is seriously better than “age defying Oil of Olay.” … Continue reading

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Christo Close To Closure

H Continue reading

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Libraries At-Risk

This post will come in pulses, but first, for my Westcliffe readers, just a reminder that you need to show some get-up-and-go. True Custerites do not let a little snow hold them hostage at home. They chain their car; they slip on their snowshoes; … Continue reading

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Nature and Man’s Hand

I sit in Westcliffe looking west. Despite the window and the storm window and the shrink-wrap plastic guaranteed to make the house cozy, I feel a moisture-laden draft. I zip my hooded robe higher to scarf my neck. As I am in the house, … Continue reading

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