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North to Paris

Our final week aboard The Waterman- our 1925 Dutch barge… so much better (note my nose in the air) than those newer, plastic boats- has been somewhat a shock. After three weeks of pastoral bliss, we have left rural France where excitement … Continue reading

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The Butter Is Better in France

Another day of birdsong. It is a lovely way to transition by degrees from sleep to wakefulness. The canal, the river and the swath of vegetation running parallel to the water make for a perfect habitat, and the birds make … Continue reading


Misty Mornings on the Canal

It has taken me a good three weeks to adapt to life aboard a barge. My body clock (set on fast-forward) took some time to wind down. In the beginning, I felt shackled with lead weights. My body wanted to … Continue reading


Sex Education in France

This blogging while travelling is not for the faint of heart. Focus is a problem. I look to the left and I see a beautiful arched bridge spanning a town crowded with 17th and 18th century stone houses. I look … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Mistletoe

Not that we don’t have green vegetation in Westcliffe, but the number of deciduous trees here in France takes me back East to New York and Pennsylvania. The mistletoe infestation – particularly severe between Never and Sancerre- catches my eye. … Continue reading

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A Snail’s Tale

If I had woken up and looked out the window not knowing where I was, would I have recognized my location? Looking out the window, I instantly knew (like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz) that I wasn’t in Kansas … Continue reading

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Cruising on the Canal lateral a la Loire

April has come and gone. London is done . And now it is May. I write from France. The showers have followed us. Yesterday, May first was glorious, but today is May second, and we have returned to skies the … Continue reading

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