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The Taos Trail

As of today, June 27, Colorado is home to eight wildfires. The closest to Westcliffe is the Waldo Canon Fire west of Colorado Springs. 32,000 homes have been evacuated. Over 15,000 acres are ablaze or have burned. The wind fans … Continue reading

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Reform Campaign Finance Now

The normally clear sky is hazy. We had hoped to catch the International Space Station passing overhead at 9:31 p.m., but visibility is unlikely. If you compare today’s panorama with earlier ones of the Wet Mountain Valley, you’ll note the … Continue reading

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Jumping the Partisan Divide

Slowly I marshal my strength. The Valley is lush, the days are balmy, and the skies are blue. I have lapsed into a semi-comatose state. I’m serene. Only  the Pit Bull spite of primary electioneering has raised my hackles. I bare my teeth … Continue reading

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Checking Off Things on the Bucket List

I have been in the States for… maybe a week now… more, I think, and time has collapsed in on itself. Flying into DIA and retrieving the car after a month of barge life at 4K/hr. was a shock to … Continue reading

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Notre-Dame Paris

We are moored at Port Arsenal, Paris. Looking west we can see Notre-Dame. To the north is the Bastille. Having just read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, I came to Paris with great expectations. The novel concerns the young … Continue reading

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