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Challenging Mitt Romney’s Numbers

If American flags were handed out to ten people and I was one of the ten, I would probably be the last of the ten to wave my flag. That said, every so often when hearing something I take as … Continue reading

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Good-byes Without Conclusion

For years I’ve dithered.  Which do I prefer? London’s frantic pace or rural Colorado’s remove? As my husband and I have moved back and forth between England and the United States, having the best of both worlds has been a blessing: … Continue reading

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And the Wheels Turn

As the seasons wheel, London turns too. In one short week I have gone from lying in the grass to wearing fleece. Walking over the Millennium Bridge yesterday to see the Edvard Munch Exhibit at the Tate Modern, I noted … Continue reading

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Exploring Human Enhancement

I’m spoiled for museums in London, but I never fail to stop at The Wellcome Collection across the street from Euston Station. Born in a log cabin on the Wisconsin frontier, Henry Wellcome (1853-1936) made his money as a pharmaceutical entrepreneur. … Continue reading


Luggage – What We Carry

The featured photo looks west from Penrose. I post it not because it is unusual, but because it is a standard feature of a Colorado sky at dusk. Several weeks ago, a friend who is relatively new to the American … Continue reading

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