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Looking Poverty in the Eye

I feel soiled. I have been stripped naked by a person who saw through me and found me wanting. Stopping momentarily at the intersection of U.S.Highway 50 and 115, I paused only long enough to look to the left and right … Continue reading

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Political Junkie Tries De-tox

I’m a junkie, and I know this because when I was an impressionable ten-years-old or so, my sweet, round and soft grandmother took me to see Otto Preminger’s Man with a Golden Arm. As the mother of 13 children who … Continue reading

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Gimme Your Money: The Campaign Hold-Up

Michael Moore just wrote. Not to me personally, but he wrote a mass email. In the note, Moore quotes a USA Today poll which estimates that 90 million voters will not bother voting in the General Election. According to the poll, apathy does not … Continue reading

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