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Leaning Over the Cliff

Hundreds of feet below the cliff, waves crash and spume high against unforgiving rocks. Curlews circle and caw. If I were to throw myself off the cliff, would the birds take my eyeballs?Suicide is not for me. And yet, apparently some members … Continue reading

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A Glutton for Punishment

If you were to rank the Seven Deadly Sins, where would gluttony fall? Is gluttony better than sloth, anger, or lust? Is it worse than pride, envy and greed? Were you a glutton over the holidays? Are you feeling porky? Did you take … Continue reading

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Scandal at Beckwith Ranch

There’s nothing like a raised eyebrow and a hushed tone to capture our attention. Head bent, the bearer of bad news leans closer and asks , “Did you hear…?” Immediately, least we miss a word, we reach for our ear-trumpet. We know better than to listen, … Continue reading

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