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Finding Our Voice

The Colorado State Fair ends today and the venders of hot dogs, cotton candy, deep-fried Snickers, and (this one was new to me) deep-fried Nutella are packing up their meals on wheels and heading on home. Nutella! How do they do that? … Continue reading

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Outside the Box at Fremont Center for the Arts

Prior to 1877, Fremont and Custer Counties were one and the same, and yet today, aside from the Fremont Custer Historical Society, we share very little. Most people who live in Custer County very rarely “go below” to Fremont. They take the odd trip … Continue reading

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Alone Together

Don’t you hate to be caught changing you mind? In the case of an about-face, most of us are afraid of a loss-of-face. I change my mind a lot, so… not to lose face… I like to spin my U-turns as assets: I am … Continue reading

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