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Belief Systems

Not to step on anyone’s belief system, but part and parcel of walking The Way is to reach the burial-place of Saint James. (And this might be a good place to add that if you are thinking of a religious … Continue reading

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“cause I can’t stay long”

Our daughter Laura wrote to ask the question that everyone is thinking but no one is asking. I quote: “I’m honestly not sure why you are continuing. I know to a certain extent it’s a personal goal, but I kinda … Continue reading

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Lost and Found in Leon

Heading west towards Leon, we continued to walk across Tierra de Campos, a table top plain that was relieved only by irrigation a ditches, enormous hay stacks and wind turbines. Don Quijote would have been spoiled for choice. Spain has … Continue reading

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Never Too Old To Learn

My last post, “Beyond Burgos,” was sent in a state of extreme crankiness. The day had not started well. We left the ancient village of Castrojerez, capped off with a 9th century castillo, and climbed a 12 percent grade prior … Continue reading

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Burgos And Beyond

The approach to Burgos is a lengthy one on pavement – good for cars but not so kind to weary feet that weep while walking. On either side, low-rent commercial and industrial buildings hem us in. We smell rubber and … Continue reading

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Writing From Burgos

“Living in the moment” has a downside. There I was drinking in the dawn… smelling the sweet, home-heating, wood smoke… shivering from the bracing chill of a 3C morning when it occurred to me that I had not paid attention … Continue reading

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Vine to Wine

Prior to walking El Camino, I read a number of books. One was by the Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho who gave numerous tips on how to pilgrim your way “in the moment.” One suggestion was to dig the fingernail of … Continue reading

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West From Pamplona

After some debate (already we have lost track of time), we have decided that it is… Saturday… I think… What I do¬†know is that we are in Pamplona on this our third day. Crossing the Pyrenees promised to be a … Continue reading

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Balance in All Things

Balance. We are told to live a life of balance, but you may have noticed… finding that balance is harder said than done. We arrived in Paris by Eurostar. It is surprising how you get used to travel at 180 … Continue reading

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