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Cayman Cowboys

Who would have guessed that cowboys range the shores of Grand Cayman island? What do cowboys know of honeyed sand and aquamarine waters? To say nothing of Frigate birds silently gliding on seven-foot wing spans buoyed above on ascending thermals? … Continue reading


The Green Man Meets Mother Nature

As planting season approaches and I load bags of compost and other soil additives into the car, I wonder: how is it that I can religiously follow planting directions and yet, often as not, despite my careful mothering, my baby plants wither and … Continue reading

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Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

Despite the spring snow, just a hint of green is enough to lighten my load. But nothing lifts my spirits like dance. Not that I dance… I don’t, but I move about with enthusiasm. And I love watching dancers dance. So you can appreciate my watching, not … Continue reading

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