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Self-Esteem: Keeping It “Real.”

A couple of days ago a friend told me that he had heard an interview with George Clooney in which Clooney complained that he missed shaking hands with his fans. Smart- phone in hand,  his fans  were busy taking a “selfie” standing … Continue reading

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Linear Thinking

I can’t seem to make the monthly meetings, but always in need of a cattle prod to get me moving, I complete the assignments posted by my local photography club. “Leading Lines” was a recent suggestion, and I thought that … Continue reading

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The Big Tease

The date is May 12th. Mother’s Day is past. Spring is here… or is it? Apparently not. Today we have 12-inches of heavy, wet snow. I am caught between pleasure and pain. I am pleased with the arrival of moisture; … Continue reading

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Wink, Wink, Nod, Nod

  Our second floor balcony overlooked the sand and sea. We were staying on Grand Cayman – modestly many miles east of George Town, the cruise ships and diamond-studded Seven Mile Beach. Nevertheless, watching resort employees meticulously arrange the lounge chairs and rake the sand … Continue reading

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