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Lightening Up for Lent

I remembered that London was damp and overcast in February, but I had forgotten that the temperature hovered in the low 40s. A bit brisk, but no matter. Avid gardeners, thumbing their nose at Father Frost, had already set out multi-colored plantings of Primrose. What … Continue reading

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Expecting the Unexpected

To those who did not receive a Valentine card from me (that would be everyone because I sent not one) I will post a photo that I took at St Pancras Station, London. I had every intention of emailing the photo on the … Continue reading

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london in february

Published with a disclaimer: my computer is home. I am reduced to blogging on my Tablet. Always a risky business. Flying in an hour west of London, the pilot warns, “London is grey and gloomy.” I am not surprised. At … Continue reading

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The Homing Instinct

I fly out of Denver International Airport today. The airport itself, an engineering and artistic marvel, is always a treat: the tent-like terminal pays tribute the indigenous Indians who called the Great Plains home and is a mirror image of the Rocky Mountains to … Continue reading

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