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Twenty Shades of Green: hiking Newlin Creek Trail

  “Intrepid”  is the only word to describe Club America’s Senior Hikers who braved the icy waters on Newlin Creek to boulder scramble their way through and up The Wet Mountain canyon to Herrick’s 1887 sawmill. It is a short hike – … Continue reading

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Memories and Memorials Are Made of This

Memorial Day, coming in as it does at the end of a Four-Day Weekend, is almost anti-climactic. How can cleaning the family cemetery plot and refreshing faded flowers compete with Saturday’s parade? How can a solemn memorial service on Monday compete … Continue reading

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Does Your Chicken Need a Support Bra?

I was in a rush, and I needed a bit of chicken. Not a lot of chicken because we are mostly Vegan . (And at this point all the REAL VEGANS, shake their heads at the word “mostly.”). So without … Continue reading

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“Senior” Hikers Travel Through Time

As a writer, one of my favorite sayings has always been “A good story is more about the story than about the truth.” How true how true. This past Tuesday, I joined the “Senior” hikers, and my maxim came home to hit … Continue reading

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Local RIDE THE ROCKIES Team Beats the Weather

Despite the massive weather system that has mere mortals by the throat, our local cyclists who constitute Team Silver Cliff/Westcliffe felt compelled to train today. The plan was to cycle from Canon City to Florence to Wetmore and on up … Continue reading

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Light Up My Life With Color

Spring seems to be a hit and miss affair. Here today; gone tomorrow. Overcast and grim today; taking on color tomorrow. Green works for me. Yellow is good too, but there is nothing like an infestation of dandelions to set … Continue reading

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