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Ride the Rockies – Day Seven

At no point in my 21-years living in Westcliffe, have I felt so much pride in The Cliffs. The warmth of welcome was a group hug that felt personal. The two towns (functioning like a well-oiled machine of disparate parts working in unison) … Continue reading


Ride the Rockies – Day Six

The closer we come to home, the easier the pedaling… the more we yearn for own our community. Today we leave Salida  and cycle to Canon City –closer to home but not the destination. Canon is just a pit stop on … Continue reading


Ride the Rockies – Day Five

By five this morning, our Ride the Rockies team was chomping at the bit – rarin’ to go. They were antsy – checking and rechecking their watches for departure time. Sipping coffee. Pacing. Layering up to fight the cold. While they layered up, … Continue reading

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Ride the Rockies – Day Four

My morning started badly. I’m a coffee-holic, and before I wake up, I want to smell the coffee. Immediately. Sometimes I lie in bed and imagine an IV drip – main-lining coffee. Gathering Grounds was serving, but they have so many options (full-fat, half-fat, … Continue reading


Ride the Rockies – Day Three

Last night’s entertainment out at the fairgrounds in Hotchkiss was home-spun and entertaining. Music was provided by North Fork Country, and I was disappointed that out of all those local families picnicking on the grass, no one (with the exception … Continue reading

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Ride the Rockies – Day Two

According to their welcome sign at the edge of town, Hotchkiss, our destination on Day Two, is the “Friendliest town around.” Our team thinks that on the approach to The Cliffs, our sign should read, “The Friendliest town west of the Mississippi.” Weather-wise, … Continue reading

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Ride the Rockies – Day One

Team Silver Cliff/Westcliffe left town on Saturday, the 13th. Registration in Grand Junction was late that afternoon. Buses and tractor trailers stood at-the-ready for riders who chose to leave their cars in Westcliffe and travel by bus to Grand Junction. At the conclusion of the … Continue reading