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Farmers’ Market

Another beautiful Colorado day! This morning’s sun was so bright that it fried my retinas. And later, taking my coffee on the patio, the sun ironed my black, denim Levis, and I felt the fabric fusing to my skin. Ouch! … Continue reading

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Applying the Brakes

Or… Slowing Down With Orthodoxy Today I wrote two condolence notes – a wake-up call of sorts. My time is limited, and I am not making best use of my time. I need to strike a better balance as I … Continue reading

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Feed the Fire

Winter is coming and I know this because my lizard brain, the primitive part that regulates breathing, balance, coordination, and survival has kicked in. The Second Street owls are already thinking ahead to mating which typically happens in January and … Continue reading

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Don’t Shoot!

Gun shows happen as do concealed-carry permit classes. And life goes on. But increasingly, mass shootings happen and life comes to a screeching halt. Referencing the September 11 issue of THE WEEK (the week that a former Roanoke TV reporter filmed … Continue reading

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