History Repeats Itself

Not to sound negative, but sometimes, I think we have learned nothing. Are we as smart as our dog? Maybe not. I’m thinking that our inability to learn from our past mistakes is on par with our parakeet’s long-term memory.

Sign in Pueblo's Union station .

Sign in Pueblo’s 1889 Union Station .

Donald Trump has done it again telling us we “should be afraid… We could have many more World Trade Centers…” Today’s scare-mongering called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United states. We have places in London and other places that are so radicalized that the police are afraid for their own lives.”

In response, London hit back. The Metropolitan Police issued a sharp reply: “We would not normally dignify such comment with a response, however, on this occasion we think it’s important to state to Londoners that Mr. Trump could not be more wrong.”

Both Prime Minister, David Cameron and London’s no-holes-barred mayor, Boris Johnson (Yes, Boris’s hair can hold its own against Donald Trump’s hair) responded in-kind. With a bit of levity (leave it to Boris) Mayor Johnson said, “The only reason I wouldn’t go to some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.”

I agree with Boris Johnson. I can’t do shouting or unrestrained anger or fist pumping. When confronted, I just shut down.

What is Donald Trump thinking? Has he no sense of history? North American, the supposed open-armed home to emigrants has been there before, and our history isn’t pretty.

2015 12 05 pueblo 025Last week my husband and I had business along Pueblo’s historic, revitalized Union Avenue. We had a lovely day – taking coffee at the Daily Grind and later in the day, we had a wonderful meal at Magpie’s. The highlight of our day was spending time at Pueblo’s Union Station. Diana the Huntress, a gift from Pueblo’s Sister City Puebla Mexico stands in front of the station. She is lovely.

2015 12 05 pueblo 024Walking through the entrance to Union Station is to experience the grandeur of the age. The height of the ceilings, the beauty of the light fixtures, and the luster of the wood and stained glass take you back to a time when “making the business case” was not the prime consideration. Along the wall under glass, historical pictures tell stories of Union Avenue prostitution and discrimination

In the late 1880s, men could visit the “open all night,” Pussy Cat Palace where 25 girls were on-offer  to entertain them. Beer was 5 cents, whiskey 25 cents.

2015 12 05 pueblo 023Within the 1889 train station itself, the rules concerning the riff-raff (not to be confused with the “native” population) were clear. The photos that I took of the posters under glass could be sharper, but they are sharp enough for my readers. My family tree has immigrants coming from Wales and Germany and England. Mark’s family was Polish and of purer stock. But we were all embraced in America’s welcome arms.

2015 12 05 pueblo 019Well, not everybody. Some were more welcome that others. Those who arrived first, were not happy to embrace the newcomers. The Irish Molly Maguire’s working the Pennsylvania coal mines were seriously unhappy to see the influx of my people, the Welsh miners. In more recent times, Internment Camps housed the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 62 percent of those interred were Japanese-American citizens!

Looking back, we have a lot to apologize for. Do we not remember our historical mis-steps? Have we no shame?

Yes, given the increase in international terrorism, we should most certainly re-visit our already stringent vetting procedures. But to blanket all Muslims as possible terrorists is insulting to them and beneath us. Shame on Donald Trump.






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1 Response to History Repeats Itself

  1. James says:

    So sad; and to realize that masses/mobs/gangs (?) are cheering him on, helps me to understand Hitler’s rise to power even more clearly.

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