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And Your Relatives Came From Where?

What would I do without my writer friends? Their support is crucial to my writing. Their¬†work inspires me to up-my-game. Alternating hugs with sharp elbows, they nudge me forward.¬†One such friend is Brian Docherty, former leader of Word for Word, … Continue reading

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A Changeable Wind

It is common knowledge in Colorado that if you don’t like the weather, wait a few seconds and the weather will change. Looking east at the beautiful sunrise, I can’t say that I wasn’t forewarned: “Red skies in the morning, … Continue reading

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The Spirit Is Willing, But the Flesh Is Weak

Unlike my Mother whose backbone was made of Bethlehem steel, my backbone is pliable and easily bent. In the past I have always fell short of my intentions.     Those who read my last blog, know that Mark and … Continue reading

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The Road Less Travelled

December doesn’t work for me. The shorter, colder days and the longer, darker nights put me in a mood to hibernate. You can find me in my jammies as late as noon. I eat a lot. And then I eat … Continue reading

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