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The Fat’s in the Fire

The fat’s in the fire. Hear it spit and sizzle. And about time. For years I’ve fought the Barbie Doll myth, but even on my home ground (that would be on my body) I haven’t won. I don’t know of a … Continue reading

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Dandelion Wine

The first of the dandelions have raised their pesky golden heads. Pesky in that if viewed as weeds, they must be dug up by the roots before their heads go to seed. (How lovely to remember the innocence of childhood that led … Continue reading

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Garden Porn – The Flesh Is Weak

A couple of days ago, a friend asked me if we were still observing the Sabbath. First I hung my head. And then I took a deep cleansing breath. So many weeks had passed. I remembered our fervor – our … Continue reading


Villanova At-Risk for Loss of the Lucky Blazer

Writing our marriage vows, we promised to… I don’t remember. I do remember that we intentionally left out the “obey” part. The obey bit seems a bit forced, but surely ‘showing respect’ should be part of the marriage compact. We married in … Continue reading

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