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Anger Management 101

Nine out of ten doctors claim that listening to too much news can be damaging to your health. The news can swell your liver, and the bile makes you bilious. Too much news can also affect your heart: some hearts … Continue reading

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Blurring the Line Between Fact and Fiction

  Writing from Setauket, Long Island: I tried to get a photo of a Revolutionary War tri-cornered hat through the window of Dr. Samuel Thompson’s house, but as with any early 18th century glass, the embedded bubbles, blisters and waves … Continue reading

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Walking on Water

  I write from the North Shore of Long Island. The air is thick, clinging, moisture-laden and sauna-hot at mid-day. It’s an outdoor greenhouse nursing  enormous trees, poison ivy, bamboo and, unfortunately, green, walk-on-water algae. Walking the family dog who was straining at … Continue reading


Front Porch Time

Time. You either have too much of it or too little. You can’t speed it up. You can’t slow it down. Our perception of time is age-related. In youth, we have too much: time drags. We don’t hold the reins. … Continue reading

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Older but Wiser

My 73rd birthday was the best so far. If my birthdays keep getting better, I just may live forever. Friends dropped by on the Fourth – we spit a lot of cherry pits (an orchard is in the making) and … Continue reading