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Zapped by the Electricity

Just when I thought that the national and international news could not get any more depressing, two, recent, local events slapped me up the side of the head. The first was last weekend’s three-day Pilgrimage designed to introduce both tourists and locals … Continue reading

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A Little Night Music

I Weekly I write with two friends. Sometimes we write face-to-face; more likely, we write by conference call. It’s a sign of the times: we only live a few blocks from one another and yet… given the pace of our lives… … Continue reading


Revisiting 9/11 Fifteen Years Later

Extreme turbulence had me on the edge of queasy. When your plane shudders… when the plane suddenly plummets… when the beverage cart has been locked down and the cabin attendants are strapped in, you chide yourself for only talking to … Continue reading

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