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In Concert Caps a Great Day

It was another cold day in Westcliffe – so cold that feeding the birds at dawn, my bare face felt as though it were hot. But the day warmed up – fueled in part by the resounding success of the postcard … Continue reading

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Flexing Muscle for 100 Days

Custer and Fremont County residents are invited to gather in the Second Street Back Room (behind KLZR radio station) between 12 noon and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 29 to participate in an international  postcard project called 10 ACTIONS / 100 DAYS. … Continue reading


Attending to Tone

I’m conflicted. President Trump’s “My way or the highway” is not working for me. On one hand, I acknowledge that President Trump won the election and as a believer in the democratic process, I owe him my support. On the … Continue reading

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Breaking Gender Roles

A friend sent me a link to TED Talks and the concept of LIQUID LEAD DANCING which questions the concept of stronger, taller, masculine men leading the weaker sex across the dance floor. If you are unfamiliar with ‘liquid lead dancing” as … Continue reading

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Grace Under Pressure

I love this artwork by Luciano Lozano – Getty Images. It is raining. The sky is overcast. The clouds are oppressive. It is a gray day. Everyone, even the bird, has his shoulders hunched and his head down. Everyone except the girl … Continue reading

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