In Concert Caps a Great Day

It was another cold day in Westcliffe – so cold that feeding the birds at dawn, my bare face felt as though it were hot. But the day warmed up – fueled in part by the resounding success of the postcard project and later in the day by the ATIUS Quartet playing a program sponsored by In Concert – dedicated to bringing classical music to The Valley.



60 or so participants took time to write their elected officials.

Briefly, the postcard project in an international campaign to speak up and shout out to our elected officials. The object is to write our representatives and share our concerns. Sunday, January 29 was the first write-in. Nine more postcard writing sessions will follow. Writing my Congressional representative at home is lonely; writing in a group is heartwarming. I am not alone. If you are not already participating in this project, check out WOMENSMARCH.COM/100. Jump-start a postcard writing project in your community.

Hot on the heels of 60 citizens writing some 475 cards, I crossed the street to the Jones Theater and listened to a classical music program presented by the Altius Quartet. To hear such wonderful music coming from the strings of such young men was a humbling experience. Their youthful vitality was a breath of fresh air. How exciting that the musicians connected not only with a standing ovation of appreciative adults on Sunday but also with the elementary and high school students on Monday.




Zachary Reaves, founding member of the quartet


The quartet, comprising musicians Andrew Giordano, Joshua Ulrich, Andrew Krimm, and Zachary Reaves played an inspired program to include works by Schubert, Haydn, Mendelssohn, and Beethoven. To this mix, that Reaves called a “mash-up,” they added numbers popularized by Led Zeppelin, Dave Brubeck, and Journey. Reaves introduced his classical arrangements of popular standards saying, “These tunes… they are familiar [to a younger audience] but the tunes are coming to them in a different format.” After playing Reaves’ first adaptation, “Stairway to Heaven/Kashmir,” Reaves laughed, “Not bad for guys in suits, right?”



Mash-up socks guaranteed to attract a younger audience.

Thank you to the In Concert Board of Directors, to those who support In Concert through the Spirit Campaign, and especially to Cliff Lanes and Rancher’s Roost who sponsor the musicians going into the schools and introducing classical music to the youth of Custer County.













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6 Responses to In Concert Caps a Great Day

  1. Anne Relph says:

    Chris enjoyed your meeting thanks for doing the 10 tasks

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. P J Bindley says:


    • timeout2 says:

      You would have loved these performers, Phyllis! They were very engaging and accessible. I had planned to go to this morning’s performance at the school but life got in the way. That said, I did not have to attend to know that the kids loved the performers and the music.

  3. Judy Shanley says:

    Sounds like it warmed the heart if not the face.


    • timeout2 says:

      Yes, Judy, the postcard campaign to elected officials felt good. And the concert was amazing. The performers were so young and so good, they gave me hope of a brighter tomorrow. I love that our classical music sponsors step up and pay for an extra day – a day when the musicians can go to the school and offer two programs – one scaled to elementary students and a second more challenging performance for the high school kids. Wishing you well.

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