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Love in All Its Guises

One of my most memorable workshops as a peer tutor was a few days short of Valentine’s Day. As usual, I had brought a number of poems to discuss before giving the first of three writing prompts. But no sooner had I mentioned Valentine’s Day, … Continue reading

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Sublimating Discontent

There’s just nothing like a laugh (especially the laugh of identification) to lift a person’s spirits. My day started with a postcard blue sky and snowy mountains. That was good. But then… checking my email, I read “Poem of the Day: Super … Continue reading

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Caution, Mr. President!

Dear President Trump, Watching you drive full speed ahead, threading the needle between slower, more cautious drivers, I flash back to conversations I had with my father who continued to drive well into his mental decline. Before his death, I remember … Continue reading

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