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Music Therapy

When Senator John McCain‘s diagnosis of brain cancer was released a week ago, my hopes soared. Maybe the public’s sympathy for 80 year-old McCain- based on his five and a half year incarceration and torture in North Viet Nam- would bring … Continue reading

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Tuesdays With Morrie

I think we have all attended a play or musical performance that failed to meet expectations. We clapped half-heartedly and were anxious to be on our way. But alas, a less discerning member of the audience stood for an ovation and slowly… … Continue reading

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Children’s Hospital

  It’s that time of year again. I come with my hand out – not for myself, but for Children’s Hospital Denver.   Annually, come July, my husband Mark participates in the Courage Classic, a fundraiser for the hospital. It … Continue reading

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Independence Day

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Although I’m a year older, and I know that I can’t stop time, I’m choosing to ignore it. I have stopped wearing a watch. At last week’s Farmers Market, I bought a copper bracelet. … Continue reading

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