As the World Turns


2018 0604 Jac

Jackson Alexander Jimenez –  born to Laura and Miguel, May 4, 2018

There’s nothing like the birth of a baby to take you back in time. A week ago I returned home from Denver where I witnessed our grandson’s transition from the cozy but cramped womb to the harsh environment of life on the outside.

Trying to approximate the closed, warm water womb, we substituted a flannel receiving blanket for a tortilla and bound Jackson in a burrito wrap.

DSCN6937 (1)Only Jackson’s face was visible. His dark, unfocused eyes oved left, right, and up to his hairline – so much so that his pupils disappeared and only the whites of his eyes were visible.

At feeding time, he opened his mouth… exactly like a baby bird’s. Had he let out a ‘cheep-cheep,’ I would not have been surprised.

Mouth open, he looked for nourishment. He wanted to nurse NOW! He worked one hand free of his wrap, and with fingers splayed he sought his mouth.

2018 06 04 Jackson 4

First, his whole fist make its way to his open mouth. Then he found the knuckle of this thumb, then his index finger, then the knuckle of his middle finger, and finally, Yippee! Jackson had found his thumb!

His thumb was disappointing in that it had no milk, but I was filled with wonder watching him try this and then try that. To enter the world with so many survival skills!

With his thumb in his mouth, his right index finger in his right eye, and his middle finger in his left eye, I envisioned an octopus – sucking at Jackson’s face. If I had only had my camera within reach. As it was, I was trapped beneath his body.

Life is good. It can’t get any better.

I have to wonder why holding our newest baby seems so memorable. I have, after all, had some experience with my own three children and an additional two grandchildren. What is it about this baby that seems so precious and awe inspiring?

I think that time, Father Time (that hunched and bearded guy with the scythe) holds me close in his clammy hands. Too many of my friends have passed or are fading. I’m on my way out.

In 2002, when Laura was in her senior year at Gunnison University, she caught my mother sleeping  and took a photo of  Mom and the cat sleeping. I’ve always liked that picture, so when I was in Denver, I asked Laura to take a similar, family lineage photo with me with the baby. Those two family photos are below.

DSCN69642018 06 12 b&w doris

Life is transitory. Life and good health are not eternal. We live and we die. A new birth takes the edge of death.

We have just lost our second clutch of baby Robins. Not exactly lost, but the fledglings have tumbled or have been kicked out of their nest in the rafters of the carport.

I saw them on the ground – tentatively trying their legs. They had yet to realize that those appendages at either side of their body were wings, and if they flapped them up and down, they could be airborne.

Watching the birds make their way to cover, I thought of Jackson’s hit and miss search for his thumb. Likewise with the baby birds: they will discover their wings, make use of them, and next year maybe one of them will make it back to nest and lay eggs in the shelter of our carport.

And the beat goes on.


DSCN6914 (1)

Crownhill Cemetery, Wheatridge C)



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I have lived 100 lives. I write essays, short stories, poetry, grocery lists and notes to myself. If I am ever lost, look for a paper trail, but be careful not to trip over any books that lie scattered here and there. I am a reader. I am a reader in awe of writers. When I don't live in Westcliffe, Colorado, I live in London where I am a long-time member of Word-for-Word - Crouch End.
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13 Responses to As the World Turns

  1. judy Shanley says:

    Great pictures. You look so much like your Mom. I feel every baby is like a tiny miracle. Born of love.

  2. Helga Schmidt says:

    Doris, congratulation! what a sweet Baby!!! I have never seen a newborn with so much hair.

  3. Jen Sweete says:

    Love you so much, Doris. Beautifully written. From the heart. LOVE the photo of the redwing blackbird in the reeds! My husband’s grandmother’s remains are buried at Crownhill. We keep threatening to go see her space there. And I just became a great-grandmother for the first time, myself. Something about this one is special, yes, and I do believe you’ve clarified it for me now. Thank you and bless you! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! All that hair!!!


    Jennifer Sweete


    “Sometimes I pretend to be normal.

    But it gets boring.

    So I go back to being me.”

    – Ain Eineziz

    Global Healing Center Affiliate

    • timeout2 says:

      Dear Jen, Thank you for your kind words. Sorry that I keep missing Group. I’ve been tightly booked this past month, but July and August will hopefully simmer down. Pretending to be normal – love that!

  4. marilynjh says:

    Just love that photo of you with the dear baby!! Bet Gerber would agree!

  5. marilynjh says:

    Just love that photo of you with the dear baby! Bet Gerber would agree!

  6. Bar Scott says:

    Lovely. And wonderful photographs. Thank you, and thank you for calling. Xo b >

    • timeout2 says:

      Calling is always good. I want to host the Parsons Bruser/-Scott dinner soon. Mark irrigating in Penrose. I’ll return to WC Sunday or Monday morning and at that point, let’s find a delayed birthday date that works for the six of us. xo

  7. This is a very special post! I loved reading it and loved the pictures.
    Enjoy your grandson. Congratulations to Laura and Miguel!

    • timeout2 says:

      Nice to hear from you Jon and Sharon! You haven’t posted a blog in some time. Are you home? In Hartford? Someplace else? I loved your blog because you took me places that were off the beaten track. Happy Trails, Doris

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