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Feeling My Age

Watching the Sochi Olympics, my nine-year-old granddaughter turned to her mother and asked, “Do you think I could skate in the Olympics?” To which her mom replied, “No, Sweetheart, you are too old.” Too old!! Well, yes, at nine, Winnie … Continue reading

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Welcome Home to Westcliffe

Returning to Colorado after a two-month absence, I felt apprehensive. People were going to ask awkward questions. They would take a hard look at me.  Had I lost weight? Was I looking haggard? Was I going to leave the secular life … Continue reading

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Into Galicia

We have climbed the mountain trails and entered Galicia, famous for the maritime wind and rain coming in off the Atlantic. It has been said that some weeks… it rains five out of seven days. We pilgrims must be blessed: … Continue reading

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Never Too Old To Learn

My last post, “Beyond Burgos,” was sent in a state of extreme crankiness. The day had not started well. We left the ancient village of Castrojerez, capped off with a 9th century castillo, and climbed a 12 percent grade prior … Continue reading

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

24 buzzards have moved into our neighborhood. They circle and circle some more. Are they looking for something dead or are they looking for someone with a superficial flesh wound? Are they waiting for someone to falter? Perhaps they are looking for … Continue reading

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