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Anger Management 101

Nine out of ten doctors claim that listening to too much news can be damaging to your health. The news can swell your liver, and the bile makes you bilious. Too much news can also affect your heart: some hearts … Continue reading

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The Spirit Is Willing, But the Flesh Is Weak

Unlike my Mother whose backbone was made of Bethlehem steel, my backbone is pliable and easily bent. In the past I have always fell short of my intentions.     Those who read my last blog, know that Mark and … Continue reading

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Feeling My Age

Watching the Sochi Olympics, my nine-year-old granddaughter turned to her mother and asked, “Do you think I could skate in the Olympics?” To which her mom replied, “No, Sweetheart, you are too old.” Too old!! Well, yes, at nine, Winnie … Continue reading

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Alone Together

Don’t you hate to be caught changing you mind? In the case of an about-face, most of us are afraid of a loss-of-face. I change my mind a lot, so… not to lose face… I like to spin my U-turns as assets: I am … Continue reading

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Have you watched the competing  protests for and against Putin in Moscow and St. Petersburg? In May of 2011, John Freedman writing in The Moscow Times lamented “The Decline of Respectful Dissent.” Hum.m.m. I am left wondering just when dissent has ever … Continue reading

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