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Attending to Tone

I’m conflicted. President Trump’s “My way or the highway” is not working for me. On one hand, I acknowledge that President Trump won the election and as a believer in the democratic process, I owe him my support. On the … Continue reading

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Toning Down the Fear Factor

Based on the Fear Factor in the United States, I’m guessing that too many people are watching too much TV news and The Walking Dead. Dealing with teenagers going through their AGE OF DISCOVERY (most all of it risky), parents are … Continue reading

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Mental Health and World Politics

I used to be a news junkie – just couldn’t get enough of it. If I were having a restless night, I would listen to BBC World that plays on KRCC at 3:00 a.m. And after BBC World, I would listen to “Morning Edition” on … Continue reading

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Leaning Over the Cliff

Hundreds of feet below the cliff, waves crash and spume high against unforgiving rocks. Curlews circle and caw. If I were to throw myself off the cliff, would the birds take my eyeballs?Suicide is not for me. And yet, apparently some members … Continue reading

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