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Take Courage

Last week’s car show was too cool. I saw several cars for sale and tried to find six friends to buy in on a cooperative share.. As the person contributing the least amount, I volunteered to own the car exclusively … Continue reading

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Children’s Hospital

  It’s that time of year again. I come with my hand out – not for myself, but for Children’s Hospital Denver.   Annually, come July, my husband Mark participates in the Courage Classic, a fundraiser for the hospital. It … Continue reading

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Heart in Hand

The rain continues to fall – sometimes a sprinkle… other times a deluge. In recent memory, Colorado has never looked so green and verdant. Great swaths of wildflowers cover the countryside. I spent this past weekend in Summit County participating in the 26th … Continue reading

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Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

Keeping pace with the month of July, I am here again… as predictable as death and taxes… hat in hand… looking for donations to Childrens’ Hospital Denver. Treating the sickest of the sick, Childrens’ Hospital saves some and loses others. Regardless … Continue reading

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Ride the Rockies – Day Five

By five this morning, our Ride the Rockies team was chomping at the bit – rarin’ to go. They were antsy – checking and rechecking their watches for departure time. Sipping coffee. Pacing. Layering up to fight the cold. While they layered up, … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond Labels

We are all damaged. Continue reading

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