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Anger Management 101

Nine out of ten doctors claim that listening to too much news can be damaging to your health. The news can swell your liver, and the bile makes you bilious. Too much news can also affect your heart: some hearts … Continue reading

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Front Porch Time

Time. You either have too much of it or too little. You can’t speed it up. You can’t slow it down. Our perception of time is age-related. In youth, we have too much: time drags. We don’t hold the reins. … Continue reading

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Finding Love in Recycled Books

I’m thrilled when I come across an Independent bookstore, so finding Front Street Books in Alpine Texas was a joyful moment. The front window drew me in. I can’t resist a cowboy, but seeing a golden cowboy… chair tipped back… … Continue reading

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The Road Less Travelled

December doesn’t work for me. The shorter, colder days and the longer, darker nights put me in a mood to hibernate. You can find me in my jammies as late as noon. I eat a lot. And then I eat … Continue reading

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Applying the Brakes

Or… Slowing Down With Orthodoxy Today I wrote two condolence notes – a wake-up call of sorts. My time is limited, and I am not making best use of my time. I need to strike a better balance as I … Continue reading

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Survivors’ Guilt

Watching the Syrians and other who are fleeing violence, I can only wonder why the United States is not more welcoming. We are quick to shake our heads and purse our lips when discussing the European Union’s inability to come … Continue reading

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Out of the Corners and Into the Larger World

  Sidelined by my husband’s desire to take one more irrigation in frosty, freezing Penrose, I threw another log on the fire and hunkered down in front of the wood stove. My husband works is on his own. If it is too hot … Continue reading

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