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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Those of us who live in Colorado never question the adage IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WEATHER, WAIT 10 MINUTES. After weeks of buying into fake news that predicted rain and/or snow, after weeks of wearing my fattening, flannel-lined jeans only to be overheated, Westcliffe … Continue reading

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Shorter Days and Longer Nights

Despite a most lovely Indian Summer crowned with blue skies and golden grasses, I anticipate the coming cold. I know that my foreshortening a mild and mellow autumn is preemptive, but already I feel myself drawing down. As the Autumn Equinox … Continue reading

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The Homing Instinct

I fly out of Denver International Airport today. The airport itself, an engineering and artistic marvel, is always a treat: the tent-like terminal pays tribute the indigenous Indians who called the Great Plains home and is a mirror image of the Rocky Mountains to … Continue reading

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Fighting the Dust Bowl Specter

Despite the recent snow, the valley floor hints at green and my heart leaps up.  Spring cannot come soon enough. This has been the longest winter ever, and my mind wanders. The road forks. I take a left turn and find myself in … Continue reading

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