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Another Five-Minute Rain

I’d like to say that Southeastern Colorado was ‘in the clover,’ but we are having no such luck. The drought continues and the weather god is inconsistent. Worse than inconsistent – he’s a tease. Every day the clouds darken, and … Continue reading

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The Cottage Look

Preparing to leave home for a month has me in a tizzy. What if my husband and I die driving to British Columbia? What if we wash overboard as we cruise north on the Inside Passage? What if… The possibilities … Continue reading

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Independence Day

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Although I’m a year older, and I know that I can’t stop time, I’m choosing to ignore it. I have stopped wearing a watch. At last week’s Farmers Market, I bought a copper bracelet. … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Those of us who live in Colorado never question the adage IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WEATHER, WAIT 10 MINUTES. After weeks of buying into fake news that predicted rain and/or snow, after weeks of wearing my fattening, flannel-lined jeans only to be overheated, Westcliffe … Continue reading

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Breaking Gender Roles

A friend sent me a link to TED Talks and the concept of LIQUID LEAD DANCING which questions the concept of stronger, taller, masculine men leading the weaker sex across the dance floor. If you are unfamiliar with ‘liquid lead dancing” as … Continue reading

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Slaughter on Second Street

Winter has finally come to Westcliffe. The last few mornings we’ve had zero degrees at dawn, and today we have flurries… flurries that we fervently hope turn into a snow soaker. With colder below zero temperatures on the horizon, I moved four planters of … Continue reading

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Zapped by the Electricity

Just when I thought that the national and international news could not get any more depressing, two, recent, local events slapped me up the side of the head. The first was last weekend’s three-day Pilgrimage designed to introduce both tourists and locals … Continue reading

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Front Porch Time

Time. You either have too much of it or too little. You can’t speed it up. You can’t slow it down. Our perception of time is age-related. In youth, we have too much: time drags. We don’t hold the reins. … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Lives Here

Although it would seem unlikely that live, repertory productions of Shakespeare would play in the small mountain town of Westcliffe Colorado, such is the case, and if you haven’t caught this season’s productions, 4th of July weekend is your very last chance. You can catch Love’s … Continue reading

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Murky Waters

If you are a long-time reader… if you know me in person, you know that I am opposed to people exercising their Second Amendment rights by marching in Westcliffe’s Independence Day parade. Prior to the 2013 parade, I attended a truly … Continue reading

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