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Farmers’ Market

Another beautiful Colorado day! This morning’s sun was so bright that it fried my retinas. And later, taking my coffee on the patio, the sun ironed my black, denim Levis, and I felt the fabric fusing to my skin. Ouch! … Continue reading

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Self-Esteem: Keeping It “Real.”

A couple of days ago a friend told me that he had heard an interview with George Clooney in which Clooney complained that he missed shaking hands with his fans. Smart- phone in hand,  his fans  were busy taking a “selfie” standing … Continue reading

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Leaning Over the Cliff

Hundreds of feet below the cliff, waves crash and spume high against unforgiving rocks. Curlews circle and caw. If I were to throw myself off the cliff, would the birds take my eyeballs?Suicide is not for me. And yet, apparently some members … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Almanac

Garrison Keillor came to Colorado Springs on Sunday, and I was ready to have my picture taken – if not his hugging me then my hugging him. I would follow his voice anywhere. Our tickets were good for a Meet and Greet prior … Continue reading

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